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Senate to Join House on Recess Following Trump’s Second Impeachment Acquittal
by This Week in Congress
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  • Robert
    Voted Angry

    We will never have an “equitable recovery” as demonstrated by every Republican legislator. A private citizen, mr trump, is now still above the law and we are paying for his retirement, security, and more than likely, another mother-load he’ll steal from taxpayers. Will the 43 Republican Senators, along with Mr Trump and more than the 1000 Republican Hate Groups, led by Mitch attack the Washington Monument on July 4th or the Pentagon on Memorial or Veterans Day? How many Jan6’s are coming after Biden since it appears that nothing happens to Republican Top Scum when they kill and destroy. There needs to be some controls on all the Hate Groups in America since their growth has been phenomenal recently. Somehow these less complicated Republican Americans need a reason to quit killing other Americans. And there needs to be a way to filter out politicians that are entirely ignorant of the law or treasonous since that seems to be one of our biggest problems now.

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