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Trump Acquitted of 'Incitement of insurrection'
by Causes
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  • Robert
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    The Senate can never be trusted ever again as long as it’s full of Republicans. Kentucky really Phucked us with slender man McConnell. 44 Senators that cannot tell that an attack on our Capital is wrong. I hope they suffer big time after letting the MF kill 500 thousand Americans with his spreading of the pandemic, letting his followers kill black people and not care about citizen protests, and support his attack on our nation’s Capital as well as supporting his and their treason. Republicans should never complain about being victimized, having politics played on them, or say anything about a Democrat ever doing anything wrong. Republicans have over a thousand hate groups spread throughout the US and our Senate just let Trump continue to lead them. The Senators and their hate groups need to be investigated, jailed, and never hold office again for mockery of justice and outright criminal behavior. Do they not know what domestic terrorism is?? I still say attacking and destroying Capital property, attempting to kill our VP and House speaker, and actually killing and injuring people is domestic terrorism but our Republican Senators don’t think so because these terrorists are all Republicans following a Republican president’s orders. Where’s the law now?? Looks like the Republicans just made us a lawless and terrorist nation. Great, isn’t it!!

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