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Watch & Comment Live - Trump Acquitted
by Causes
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  • Robert
    Voted Yes

    The Republicans are united as a threat to our country now that we have Republican citizens voting for a known conman, Republicans planning and carrying out a murderous and destructive attack on our Capital with their conman, and Republican Senators that refuse to hold the instigator responsible because he’s Republican. We may have become a terrorist nation to the rest of the world because of our Republicans. Republican now means abuse of power, unwilling to be objective or listen to facts, logic, and law, can do no wrong and above the law, strong need to hurt and kill American citizens with no consequences, religious mockery, power seekers with no plan other than to rip off the taxpayer and make their rich buddies richer, views half of America as an enemy rather than a partner, and overall never feels guilt or shame. Our 44 Republican Senators will probably verify they view the law as a spider web that catches flies and mosquitoes but lets the hornets and wasps fly right through.

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