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Trump Lawyers Show Montage of Dems Saying 'Fight' - Here It Is, Uncut & Unedited
by Causes
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  • Steven

    As the prosecution pointed out clearly, d trump has for a long time known he could possibly loose the election and has been seeding the conspiracy guise for some time. Why are trump’s liars saying “nothing in his speech points to his incitement of the crowd”is beyond me. For those who think it was only his speech on the 6th, that the prosecution was referring to in their indictment, clearly you missed a lot of the accusations by the house managers in the first 3 days of their presentation. Trump has been priming his supporters for months prior to the election. Who paid for the “STOP THE STEAL SIGNS”, who invited the protesters to Washington, who has not been willing to publicly admit he lost the election? Even a Russian could figure that out, why? Because they are not idiots and they are used to the kind of rhetoric coming from the “trumplickin”party. Why has the trump administration not been rounded up and arrested yet? It’s because the prosecution can’t find enough paper for all the criminals being implicated. Why was only one charge brought forward to impeach the president? Because a comprehensive trial would take years for the investigation alone, much less the trial. Excuse this next statement for being broad. The general scope of understanding requires that the prosecution point to only one criminal, though we can all see there are many accomplices. Brooks, Hawley, Graham and Cruz understand. I’m pretty sure that trump only used the word “peace” for his future defense and was not literally directed it to the crowd listening to his speech on the 6th.

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