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IT: Trump's lawyers make their case, and... ❎ Do you support recalling California Gov. Newsom?
by Causes
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  • Robert

    The Trump defense based on a single day, a single word, and a single lie about Democrats is childish and irrelevant to the fact that Mr Trump over a period of months asked his supporters to not believe the election results and plan to come to the Capital to take back the steal. He instigated the plans by the hundreds of hate groups that grew and support Trump. While Mr Trump hid and reveled in watching the destruction happen, he did nothing to stop it. He even encouraged it as long as he could. Acquitting based on Trump’s defense team is just another slap in the face. The injustice of Senators not caring about the law, not caring about their constituents, and their right to call themselves American is unacceptable and needs to be stopped by someone with intelligence, moral character, and knows something about American laws. Unlawful people should not be lawmakers!!

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