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Watch & Comment Live - Castro: Trump ‘Left Everyone in This Capitol for Dead’ by Not Sending Help
by Causes
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  • James

    I don really know what the republicans will do, but I do know that Hawley, Greene and a few others will need to be dealt with. They are dangerous and have the following of the same type of ignorant folks who believe unquestionably what they are told and are unwilling to seek the truth or themselves. It’s ironic that along the way Trump had tried so hard to to ensure he would win. From trying to find dirt on Biden through foreign sources, attempted to derail mail in voting, claiming before the first vote was cast that if he lost that it would be fraud, claiming victory before all the votes were counted, then filing lawsuit after lawsuit claim fraud with 0 evidence. He stacked the Supreme Court thinking he court get them to sway things in his favor. When all that fail he invited his followers to DC on the very day the electoral votes were to be certified and sent them to the capital to overturn the election, he made dam sure there would be no help coming by making sure the people who could get help to the law enforcement at the capital were un reachable. We will be done with Trump one way or another but his ardent followers and leaders that swore their oath to Trump and not the constitution are still there and they need to be held to account severely. After WWII the way Nazi ism was purge from Europe we need to purge Trumpism from the USA. Like was said at the founding of this nation you have a democracy if you can keep it.

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