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Senate Strikes Deal on Schedule & Structure of Trump Impeachment Trial
by Causes
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  • Marcia
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    It will be fine. We all were there on January 6th. We were watching the Trump created riot as it happened. I heard the yells to lynch Pence. I was supposed to do other things that night. I didn't do them. I watched and watched and watched to see if we would still have a government left. This was the most disturbing event I have ever witnessed. It is time for ALL to hold Trump accountable. As the governor said, Trump's words will get someone injured or killed. Well, Trump's words got a lot of people injured and 5 people killed. It is time for Trump to pay the price of telling lies. THIS MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! I DO NOT WANT TRUMP TO EVER BE ABLE TO RUN FOR OFFICE AGAIN! I am still concerned about the guys with guns that are still out there ready to take down our country in the name of one cult leader - TRUMP!

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