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Should the Senate Convict Trump?
by Causes
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  • Michael
    Voted No

    This is just another Democrat fantasy/travesty as they are still fixated on former President Donald Trump. First of all, there has been no evidence of any crime (let alone an actual trial) and "insurrection" is a joke. This is the same as when Donald Trump was first elected; all slander and lies from the Democrats. This display by the Democrats is perhaps the greatest shame and travesty in our glorious history. Secondly, where is the Chief Justice, Roberts? Even he knows this action is ridiculous and phony. Thirdly, we have a Senator who is both a judge and a juror - are you kidding me? If the media was even one iota honest, they would be tearing this travesty up all over the place. The sad thing for Republicans is that our politicians are not speaking up about this enough - only a handful. They are too afraid of the media and their good pals on the other side of the aisle. Should this joke of a clown show continue? Hell, no.

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