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Do You Support Calls to #RemoveMarjorieTaylorGreene?
by Causes
32,856 actions taken this week
  • James
    Voted Oppose

    I support all actions for EXPULSION!!! Clicked the wrong button This woman has collected $125k from donors to attempt to defend her position, is that even legal? She’s clearly not in touch with reality or she’s truly evil. She continues to spew lies and believes the election was a stolen, that qanon is real, her first act was to attempt to present articles of impeachment against Biden. She’s presented no evidence! She’s has stated that school shootings weren’t real or staged and claims during the 911 attacks on the pentagon that no plane hit the building. This person NEEDS TO BE EXPELLED FROM CONGRESS WITH ALL DUE HASTE. I urge my reps to take all means necessary to remove her. Based on commentary on Telegram a ethics investigation should also be conducted. It’s truly a sad state of affairs that people actually believe the crap she’s says and are willing to finance her “Defense” (what will the money be used for?) I don’t believe her expulsion is a act that can be defended and the money goes to what? People need to stop being so stupid. All the money raised should be return or she should be severely fined.


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