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Should We Declare June 14th 'President Donald J. Trump Day'?
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  • Steven

    To my Alaskan representatives! Is there a reason trump has not been arrested yet? He’s an embarrassment to our entire species and intelligent life. Nothing has been more damaging to the United States then the image and message the Donnie tRump and his followers are telling us and the rest of the world. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead due to the trump administrations choices and the choices of his followers. Nothing has been worse then what trump has done to this country. Domestic terrorists like trump and his vile children and all the rest of the anti government traitors should be sent to Guantanamo to await trial. I believe treason is a deserving and justifiable reason for a firing squad and a firing squad is only effective if it’s public. It is only terminal if it is not public. The choice is easy if your squeamish, you don’t have to look. Sorry about my sour attitude but I think he and his are deserving pigs. wash your hands please.

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