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Nearly 1-in-20 Americans Have Received At Least Their First Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine - How Many Are From Your State?
by Causes
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  • Steven

    This would be a good time to use military field clinics. The rate of the vaccine roll out has been poor at best. Most primary care doctors who don’t have facilities to store and administer the vaccine, have made no effort to schedule their clients at facilities that can administer the vaccine. Most primaries do not have the facilities needed for the vaccine rollout. I received a small piece of paper with a web sight address, and 2 phone numbers from my primary. One phone number is always busy, I think it is off the hook as I have been very persistent but to no avail. The other phone number explains how to find and use the web sight that doesn’t work. I have registered with the states web sight and found out there are no vaccine events scheduled within 50 miles, which I know is not true. They have been vaccinating down the street for the last week. Through continued sleuthing, I discovered that the nurses who distribute food on the weekends in the same parking lot where they administer vaccine during the week, should be able to register me and my sweetheart at the local hospital vaccine station Monday morning. Things are looking up. My point should be very clear now to everybody, that NATIONAL hospitals and clinics in every state would have been able to give out information better in conjunction with the private professional medical system who are not prepared to address a pandemic situation like we’ve seen, all due respect. Also a national hospital and clinic system could provide much of the coordination and infrastructure for this kind of vaccine rollout. It would only take a small amount of our defense budget annually to pay for this kind of defense infrastructure. Over a 5 year period, build and pay for hospitals and clinics in 10 states every year, for 5 years. Done deal. From our defense for our defense. Wash your hands. To be continued...

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