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Thousands Rally Across Russia to Support Opposition Leader Navalny - And Thousands Arrested
by Causes
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  • John
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    Putin is the Russian Head of State. Only because he has rigged the system using the extensive powers of his Office to consolidate political power in Russia to himself. Sound familiar? This is what most autocrats, dictators, or kings do. It’s certainly the path Trump was trying to take, and had he won a second term, we may have lost our Republic altogether. Thank goodness there are enough American’s (82 million) who turned out to put Trump out. Russia is a different political animal, in that the citizens are not born of a democracy and have always been ruled by strongmen, who talk tough and brutalize or kill internal opponents. Putin is no exception. He has killed or physically, seriously harmed political opponents and journalists, both inside and outside of Russia’s borders. He has attacked our country multiple times and ways, with military personnel using military grade weapons and resources. I am still convinced he has leverage on former President Trump, financially and in a kompromat way. We need to get a thorough understanding, beyond the Mueller Report, to know the ongoing damage Putin is doing to our country. The exploitation of Solar Winds’ vulnerability and depth of those cyber crimes need to be known by our government officials charged with protecting the USA. Putin needs to know we are watching and documenting his actions in response to the current protests demanding the release of Navalny & his wife Yulia.

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