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Three House GOP Lawmakers Draft Bills to Leave UN, Abolish EPA & Dept. of Education
by Causes
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  • Clayton

    Taking de-regulation this far would lead to serious repercussions among the states, especially with regards to the climate. Letting all fifty states come up with fifty different ways to deal with pollution would give large energy companies a ridiculous amount of power. Their ability to divide and conquer weak state legislatures would be unprecedented. Leaving the states in charge of education without federal oversight will just lead to a greater disparity between states with the funds, tax-base, and access to trained staff to create quality higher education and their poor, non-populous, and less-educated counterparts (like Arkansas). Further, our withdrawal from the UN would mean we no longer had a seat on the security council. That would leave Russia and China as permanent members with only the UK and France to oppose them. We need a voice in international affairs, and for the last half century or so, the UN has provided a forum for America to be heard. I don't think we should throw that away.

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