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'Celebrating America' Inauguration Special
by Causes
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  • Matthew
    Voted Excited

    BIDEN WON THE MOST SECURE ELECTION IN US HISTORY!!!! Anyone that doesn’t believe that needs to understand REALITY (The Racist in Chief NEVER got 50% or higher in ANY approve rating of the country, so how the kucf do you think he won a national election?). I am excited to turn the page on this very dark chapter in modern American history, but we sadly have so far to go to heal this divided country. However, we still need to hold The Racist, his family, his third reich administration, AND HIS ENABLERS accountable. President Biden has a very difficult job ahead of him. I support him and look forward to seeing some changes. WE MUST NEVER FORGET HOW FRAGILE OUR DEMOCRACY IS, it only took one Hitler like idiot to come close to ending it—read up on the early days of the Nazi’s rise to power, it is scary how similar it is to the last four years.

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