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Bells and Candlelight Honor 400,000 Dead From COVID-19
by Causes
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  • Matthew
    Voted Angry

    If we had a competent administration this number would be way lower. BUT because the Racist and Chief saw it was infecting black and brown communities at a higher rate, and his son-in-law, Voldemort Jr., said it was only affecting blue states they let it go and grow. They watered it and feed it with lies and mis-information. They completely gave up doing anything to stop it. They cheered on the selfish anti-maskers. This administration is guilty of mass murder of the 400,000+ PEOPLE THAT LOST THEIR LIVES! This third reich administration should be sued by everyone that had Covid-19 and those that lost family member’s to Covid for 400,000 billion dollars. Making the Racist pay out of HIS BANK ACCOUNT IS THEY ONLY WAY HE WILL UNDERSTAND THE PAIN HE HAS CAUSE PEOPLE.

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