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Pompeo Lifts Limitations on U.S. Diplomatic Contacts With Taiwan - Are You in Favor?
by Causes
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  • Leslie
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    Another Nth Hour attempt by Trump Administration to transfer oversight of genetically modified animals from FDA to Department of Agriculture (USDA) by Sonny Purdue, Secretary of USDA and approved by Assistant Secretary for Health (HHS) Brett Giroir who apparently doesn’t have enough work to do with vaccine rollout. Luckily FDA Commissioner Stephan Hahn has refused to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which also tests HHS claim of governance over FDA decision making. Hoping FDA holds out till the new administration tomorrow others Purdue and other companies breeding livestock fir our food supply will be able to introduced genetically modified animals into the food supply with out a medical based review by FDA. It’s enough to make one a vegetarian! Also scary to have non-medical folks like Azar an ex-pharmaceutical lawyer over-ridding medical advise which failed with CDC when developing Covid tests & prioritization of vaccine rollout. Anyone that agrees with this should go see their lawyer when they are sick (or maybe an economist like Navarro)!

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