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Should Trump Pardon Himself?
by Causes
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  • Leslie

    If Trump pardons himself it will be a legal challenge to the courts on whether it’s valid as one can not be their own judge so will need to be investigated. It is also an admission of guilt that will make it more difficult for Senate Republicans that want to defend him in the Senate trial. Limitations on Presidential Pardons: 1) Doesn’t apply to state prosecution 2) Doesn’t include civil cases. 3) Doesn’t remove the conviction 4) No refunds on fines paid or contraband 5) 3rd party still can recover damages 6) Accepting pardon is admission of guilt 7) Can’t pardon crimes associated with impeachment 8) Can’t stop Senate trial associated with impeachment 9) Can’t act as judge of one’s self 10) Doesn’t cover crimes occurring after the pardon.

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