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Senate to Hold Confirmation Hearings for Biden Cabinet Nominees, Potentially Begin Impeachment Trial
by This Week in Congress
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  • Nancy
    Voted Angry

    It’s fine to hold the confirmation hearings as such. But I’m thinking you should be holding Nancy for accountability for her part of the “coup” to force VP Pence to used Article 25( I know it’s a practice run for Biden before the years out)on President Trump. That was way beyond her powers but you know how the Democrats are, they’re against it before they’re for it. Law & Order, using riots, electoral college, freedom of speech, power of Big Tech, use of national guard, pentagon . This The LIST GOES ON. Oh also the BLACKLIST!! CONTROL the voice AND ideas of the people, and you control the Nation. Remind you of any other countries(China, Russia, North Korea)?🤔 Just thinking.

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