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How is the Senate Majority Leader Chosen?
by Causes
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  • Leslie
    Voted Apathetic

    @Sharon: Agree with your method though I generally do this in a different order starting with least biased using media bias ratings, then look at right & left leaning and compare to foreign sources that have no vested interest and generally layout the mechanics for their readers who are unfamiliar with the US, and finally check published studies in the last 5 years. I didn’t develop this method, it’s drilled in during the educational process that trains one for the research processes, reinforced by professors, thought leaders publishing the studies, and work leadership in research. Sharon’s post, My method for this does take more time and energy. I regularly read right- and left-leaning sources from other countries such as Germany, France, and the UK as well as independent sources like The Economist for US and international news because my theory is that they have less investment in influencing politics here. I sometimes include fact-checking sites like Ballotpedia,, and Politifact because they normally include some hard evidence of their positions. I also regularly read Associated Press because it is rated as least biased and, occasionally, Propublica because of its Pulitzer-winning investigative and independent journalism. I also check scientific claims with those in journals that try to ensure scientific rigor by way if peers reviewing research methods and results before an article is published. Could I still be misled? Sure. For me, though, I feel more confident that when I express an opinion or cast a ballot I have attempted in good faith to make the best choices that I can.

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