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What's in Biden's $1.9 Trillion COVID-19 ‘Rescue’ Plan?
by Causes
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  • Leslie

    Healthcare Response Funding is definitely needed to do a better job on vaccine rollout. People are standing in long lines for hours to discover only one person administering vaccine after a long drive as there are so few vaccination sites and not enough people trained to administer these new vaccines. National Guard is suppose to help but they are busy guarding Capitol & State Capitals. Distribution is all messed up. Doctors that have received 1st dose find the 2nd dose not available which really is a waste of vaccine as you need both doses to be effective. 2020 year end mortality data from CDC confirms JH Covid tracking - 400K dead in less than 1 year (same as WWII over 4 years), and 3K-4K/day dying. 9.5K Active cases collapsing the medical system. Hospitals & states will move from standard care (best interest of patients) to crisis medicine (best interest of all patients). CA hospitals tell ambulances not to transport cardiac arrest or trauma patients that can’t be revived in 10 minutes so it’s not just Covid patients forgoing treatment it’s all patients. Our only hope is to vaccinate our way out of this mess!

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