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Should Trump Pardon the Rioters Who Stormed the Capitol?
by Causes
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  • Matthew
    Voted No

    The TERRORISTS NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!! A FAILED COUP GONE UNPUNISHED GUARANTEES ANOTHER COUP ATTEMPT!!! These terrorists need to understand what they did was wrong and was an act of terrorism and sedition. Their right to fly should be revoked, their right to own and possess firearms should be revoked, their names added to terrorist list, they should serve jail time (maximum sentences), their right to vote should be revoked, their right to get governmental assistance for losing their jobs should be revoked, and they need to VOLUNTEER to undergo the process to reverse being in a cult (the phrase escapes me). This is not a “My bad, won’t do it again” incident. The individuals involved need to be held accountable AND THAT INCLUDES CONSERVATIVE MEDIA NETWORKS, THE AMERICAN NAZI PARTY (formerly the republiKKKan party), ANYONE SPEAKING AT THAT JANUARY 6 “STOP THE STEAL” RALLY, ANYONE THAT HELPED THE INSURRECTIONISTS, THIS THIRD REICH ADMINISTRATION AND ALL ITS MOUTHPIECES!!! We cannot let the healing process begin UNTIL WE HOLD THOSE RESPONSIBLE ACCOUNTABLE, we cannot let this go as a democracy. We let the South go after the Civil War and look what happened—whitewashing history until their flag ran around inside the capital. Yes, we need healing, but letting terrorists go is not the answer. Democracy will not survive. Letting a failed Coup go unpunished guarantees another Coup attempt. Hitler had a failed Coup before he rose to power.

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