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Happening Now: Trump Impeached For Second Time
by Causes
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  • Matthew
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    To anyone that says “we need to unite America and let this go”, did you feel the same way after 9-11? Did you want us to not hold those accountable for attacking our country? Did you just dismiss there actions with whataboutism’s? Did you say “oh they got it out of their system, they’ll leave us alone now”? So let’s unite the country BY HOLDING THOSE RESPONSIBLE ACCOUNTABLE!!! Let’s start with the leader, The Racist in Chief!!! Impeach!!! To my third reich “rep” WHO SUPPORTS THIS INSURRECTION: “Pimp my Mommy to the Racist” Fulcher—history will remember you and it will not be kind . . . Also, you may enjoy rotting in hell BUT STOP DRAGGING OUR COUNTRY WITH YOUR TRAITOR ASS!!!

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