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IT: 🧨We were attacked - now what? and... Should Pence invoke the 25th Amendment?
by Causes
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    Yes, we were. Robert is right: he is describing the Russian Rafical Republican Right to a golden Trumpy T. The right never wanted to unify the country; they only wanted to divide so their Russian overlords can take over. Divide and conquer. Lie to divide. We can’t get stronger so we’ll make our enemies weaker. Can’t trust the left, who want to improve the country. Can we trust the right? Sure, to create a catastrophe, to bring us to another recession, to set us up for war, to make us weaker, to divide us with self-righteous platitudes, to fill the jails with more political criminals. They’ve done it before, and they’re doing it now. Check out the border wall? Who’s going to pay for the Wall? We are, the suckers and losers that got stuck with a puppet for President.

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