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America Attacked: What Should We Do Now?
by Causes
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  • Matthew

    IMPEACH AND PROSECUTE THE RACIST IN CHIEF!!! Arrest his son Jr, and Giuliani and hold them accountable WHICH MEANS ADDING MURDER CHARGES TO THESE THREE!!! Prosecute ALL THOSE THAT ATTACKED THE CAPITAL—like Shaq said they should have 20-25 year sentences AND STRIP THEM OF GUN RIGHTS FOREVER ie make sure none of those on the capital grounds never be able to own a gun. There needs to be accountability for this AND IT SHOULD BE HARSH!!! THESE INDIVIDUALS COMMITTED TREASON!!! ALSO WE NEED TO HOLD QANON RESPONSIBLE!!! We need to find out if and who the hierarchy of that group is and hold them accountable. People that knowingly create and spread conspiracy theory need to be held accountable—this is a second example of how dangerous these theories are (pizzagate was the first example).

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