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Does Congress Have Time to Impeach & Remove Trump Before Inauguration Day?
by Causes
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  • Matthew
    Voted Yes

    There is NO TIME LIMIT NEEDED to impeach the Racist in Chief EVEN IF HE IS OUT OF OFFICE!!! There are FIVE IMPORTANT REASONS to impeach the Racist: 1) he would no longer be able to run for President in the future; 2) he would forfeit his Presidential pension ($200,000 a year); 3) he would forfeit a yearly travel allowance ($1 Million per year); 4) he would NO LONGER BE PROTECTED BY SECRET SERVICE (which we the tax payers pay for); and lastly 5) TO LET FUTURE CORRUPT PRESIDENTS KNOW THEY WILL BE PUNISHED!!! So it is indeed worth impeaching the Racist!!! To my to third reich Senators: Risch and CRAPo DONT BOTHER SHOWING UP FOR THE VOTE IN THE SENATE!!! Just stay home and ask your fellow reich and file Nazi party members that where complicit in what happened last Wednesday because you where to gutless to defend our country. So continue your cowardly ways and AVOID THE VOTE!!! It really doesn’t matter what “Pimp my mommy to the Racist” Fulcher does because the House needs a simple majority and we know what “Pimp my Mommy to the Racist” is going to do because he was supportive of the ATTACK ON YOUR WORKPLACE. But you, Risch & CRAPo, who have stood by, cowering in the shadows or getting on your knees before your Hitler, have shown you two have no spine to stand up for anything—SO STAY THE KUCF HOME DURING THE VOTE!!! And tell your fellow complicit Nazi’s to stay home too!!! “Sounds like Berlin burning, Same thing; History is a mystery if y’all ain’t learning; End this clown show for real, a state bozo; Nazi cult 45 gestapo”—Public Enemy, State of the Union (STFU)

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