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Three House GOP Lawmakers Draft Bills to Leave UN, Abolish EPA & Dept. of Education
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  • Renee

    I hope this is a disgusting joke. Note any lawmaker that votes to get rid of education and clean water can count on NOT getting re-elected. Our state struggles as is with education. We need our federal funding to allow for our rural areas to have the basic needs for the children. Without federal funding to our schools, you could assume some schools would shut down. Our kids would not get the education and crime and unemployment would rise. Our coalminers currently have to struggle with being undereducated and that is why when the mines closed down and the 6 figure salaries went away, they were not educated enough to get jobs that paid as well. While some turn back to school, others barely have high school diplomas. Without the Dept. of Education loans helping with trade schools these situations can only get worse. As coal is depleted from the state and need for coal world wide decreases as other alternative fuels are found. The education of our children in West Virginia needs to be put first! We can not thrive without the Department of Education. The water crisis we had in the Elk river with the chemical spill and how that effected Charleston WV is just one of the multiple issues that the EPA is necessary to help with. The EPA uses sound science to develop ways to help produce safer chemicals and regulate harmful substances. EPA also provides information about specific chemicals and how you can protect yourself, your family and your community. They create ways that we can dig clean coal and keep our mines open without hurting the people around it like what happened with the Elk. Keeping not just our employees safe while they work, but keeping the population around our mines healthy so they can go and do the work is just as vital. This is how a country becomes third world. Furthermore leaving the UN is like asking for WWIII. We have careful alliance for reasons. Read some history books about Wilhelm II and Bismarck. Stop behaving like uneducated fools and do some goo by our people. Stop with these crap bills!


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