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Should Trump be Impeached? Tell Your Reps Today
by Causes
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  • Matthew
    Voted Yes

    To my third reich “Reps”: “Pimp my mommy to the Racist” Fulcher, Risch, & CRAPo: I know this is your Hitler, your dear leader, I mean shit, Fulcher LITERALLY pimped his mommy out to the Racist in his campaign ads. And I know you three have loved watching you and the Racist destroy our democracy, so I get this is hard for you (maybe even harder than the boners you get when your around him you sycophants) BUT history will not look kindly on you AT ALL!! So for once in your disgraceful service DO SOMETHING FOR THE GOOD OF OUR COUNTRY-/IMPEACH AND REMOVE THE RACIST IN CHIEF!!! “It’s not what you think it’s what you follow”—Public Enemy State of the Union (STFU)

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