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IT: 🏛 Impeachment? 25th Amendment? 'Orderly' transition?
by Causes
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  • Matthew

    IMPEACH NOW!!! What the Racist in Chief has done is an act of treason!! Impeach and arrest! Arrest his son Dumb Jr, as well. To my third reich “reps”: “Pimp my mommy to the Racist” Fulcher, Risch, & CRAPo you three along with Simpson, will go down as traitors to our country as well. Your SILENCE to the Racist makes you complicit. You four are a disgrace to our country and have deserved your spot in hell next to the Nazi’s (I mean you four are part of the American Nazi Party), you enjoy your time there BUT STOP DRAGGING OUR COUNTRY WITH YOU!!! “We gotta remove the President, it’s evident he’s negligent. He lacks the intelligence needed to be President. So as a resident and US citizen, I say we vote and I vote to get rid of him. There’s never been a time that I can remember when we had anyone in office this ignorant. Now we have evidence he committed TREASON! We want him gone, NOW WE HAVE A REASON!”—De La Soul, Remove 45.

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