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Georgia Runoff Elections Results: Ossoff & Warnock Win, Handing Democrats Senate Control
by Causes
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  • Linda
    Voted Excited

    For the first day in almost four years, I am not ashamed to be a US Citizen. I've had several of my Republican relatives be outraged at that statement, but ever since the 2016 was "stolen"--I guess that's a thing now--it has been true. In two weeks time, we will finally have a competent, qualified president with a moral compass and a vice-president and cabinet that have a clue about governing. If the events of the past two months to do not confirm the absolute ridiculousness of our current administration, you will never understand the shame of the last four years. I am thrilled that we will now have the ability to at least have bills be brought to the floor of the Senate--where they can be discussed and voted on. Did anyone really think government was supposed to work by just piling up bills to rot on a desk? The insanity of Mitch McConnell's governing is finally over. The insanity of Trump's governance--if you can call it that--is also almost over. God help us get through the next two weeks so that a real light can be seen at the end of the dark tunnel of the last four years.

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