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Causes' CEO: ‘Thank You for 2020. Truly.’
by Causes
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  • John
    Voted Angry

    A mixed bag. Truly disappointed in nearly half of American voters, who voted for the corrupt, lying, gaslighting, dishonorable Republicans that stood by Trump. However, I am proud of the majority (by a slim margin of 7 million) of American voters who said ENOUGH! And, we are taking back the country, the government of the country. It’s a win for democracy, which we must always side with, and not go down the autocratic road toward dictatorship. We must put Country above any individual and any political party. We must stay engaged to make it work, so never again become complacent or apathetic. Continue to stiff arm those that try to divide us based on race, religion, or because of who we love. Be an intentional force for democracy.

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