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Trump Administration Implements New Immigration Rules
by Causes
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  • Becky

    I feel very sad today. With this action, along with others from the Republicans, we are becoming less tolerant, formerly a beacon of American culture to a mean, and non-thinking country. I feel as though the Republicans will only be satisfied when all non Republicans are eliminated. They don't want a country with the beauty and richness of a flower garden, they want one flower to be in the garden: only theirs. While I don't like folks to come into our country undocumented, it isn't as simple as rounding them all up and deporting. How is deporting a woman whose lived here 20 years after arriving at age 14, cooperative with ICE being removed making America safe? We are sending a message to the rest of the world - we are no longer the country to admire as the world leader. We have closed our doors except for those who will make Republicans feel safe. As I said I feel very sad today.


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