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Trump Calls for Congress to Increase Size of Stimulus Checks in Coronavirus Relief Bill
by Causes
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  • Ronda

    This question can’t be adequately answered by a yes/no response. Should Americans get $2000? Yes, but we should have been getting that monthly since this started, along with an actual lockdown and the kind of testing and tracing that we’re completely capable of but didn’t do. If we had done that this would be well on its way to being under control and we’d probably have 200,000+ fewer dead. The fact is that Trump couldn’t care less about whether people get help or nothing. His goal is not helping people, his goal is throwing a wrench in the works just to show that he can. The House Democratic majority has already agreed to $2000, but the Republicans in the Senate will not. They didn’t want to send $600. We don’t have time for this childishness. Fund the government. Help the people.

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