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Three House GOP Lawmakers Draft Bills to Leave UN, Abolish EPA & Dept. of Education
by Causes
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  • Ingrid

    Please oppose this bill. The UN does many very important things to preserve world peace, promote health, prevent and counter human rights violations, assist in disasters, etc - not only should we NOT "withdraw", we should increase support!!! The EPA has helped make and keep our country a safer, cleaner, healthier and more pleasant place to live in, and it too needs to be given more support, not less - and certainly NOT "eliminated". And the Department of Education has a vital role in helping the nation have an educated and productive population; like the other two organizations, it needs far more support, not dismantling. Just because our new head of the ED apparently has little understanding of what it is supposed to do, doesn't mean that Department no longer has a mission to ensure that we have a citizenry that has at least basic knowledge of facts in science, necessary math skills, adequate communication skills and critical thinking, and world history, geography, government and where our nation fits into the rest of the world.

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