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Trump rescinds Obama-era rule on transgender students
by Causes
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  • DeanLA

    "Our society has become so blinded by its quest to redress wrongful discrimination against one class of people that it is now in danger of creating another victimized class: people of faith, like you and me." Elder Ronald A. Rasband The transgender bathroom controversy "omits any concern for women and girls who will be exposed to male nudity and could be rendered more vulnerable to sexual predators — what follows is perhaps the clearest and most unequivocal statement of radical progressive legal philosophy" and "None of these alleged civil rights have previously existed in American law. Instead, they represent coercion, pure and simple — the destruction of the civil rights of the faithful for the sake of the convenience of the radicals." David French at National Review. I totally agree with these statements. We have liberals bullying people of faith and judicial activism supporting them. Our Judeo-Christian society is under attack. We have rights as well. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. Protecting non-transgendered people is priority. Transgenders need to use a private bathroom.

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