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President Donald Trump Pardons Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn
by Causes
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  • Nancy
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    Absolutely! And now I hope that there is a path for General Flynn sues for FBI for slander & lies. What I always thought from the start of Trump's presidency, was the previous Administration knew that Gen Flynn would catch on fast how they would hinder & sabotage this new presidency. They had to get Gen. Flynn out & that they did. Now that I have greater access to true journalist that have fought battles with the unauthorized & illegal trapping of not only the FBI & CIA but now the Counter Culture/Big Tech, the realization of their power is truly frightening. But more people are beginning to find their voice and see the manipulation of these groups & take a stand for all our freedoms! I always go back to Sen Schumer's quote about the FBI & CIA "they have MORE than 6 WAYS From Sunday of GETTING BACK AT YOU!"

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