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Thanksgiving Fact Feast
by USAFacts
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  • Livia

    When will they stop, the horrible comments that people make over a president that has done more for our country in four years then Obama did in eight years. You cannot deny the progress that was made in America due to President Donald Trump. And just You know I am a fair person, I voted for Obama twice. I believed what he was saying. But he let us down he didn’t complete anything that he promised. I voted for Donald Trump because I cannot stand Hillary Clinton. There was no Russian collusion and influenced my vote. I do not belong to the Democratic Party or the republican party. I am an independent I am not loyal to either, I believe in America first no politician. When you have politicians in Washington for 40 years you are playing with fire because they forget why are they are there. They start working for themselves and their family That is Joe Biden


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