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Supreme Court Blocks New York’s COVID Restrictions on Attendance at Houses of Worship
by Causes
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  • Livia

    I totally agree with the supreme courts decision. Based on the law and the constitution. Cuomo is the most corrupt person in politics that I have ever seen. I have never seen a politician lies as much as this man does. They can’t get him out in New York state. You would never believe how many people in New York State hate this man. I’m from New York State this man is worthless. What makes him think that he knows better supreme court justice? I listen to him talk on television praising the president Donald Trump for all he did for New York City to help him. One of the things he said is he was there day and night where I could talk to the president. He came through with everything that we needed. He praised him over and over again. And then after that he stabbed him in the back, do I believe the elections they keep that man in power are legal hell no. He has destroyed New York City. People are moving out as fast as they can go. And he’s begging them to come back this is the answer good riddance Cuomo.

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