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Graham Warns of ‘Trifecta From Hell’ if Dems Win Georgia Runoffs - Do You Share his Concerns?
by Causes
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  • Adam
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    Technically, there are by definition fewer checks and balances when the White House and both houses of Congress are all the same party. That said, the Republicans have also held all three in the past and they didn't seem to be complaining then. I think the civil discourse that checks and balances were intended to bring about went out the window when McConnell abdicated the Senate's "advise and consent" responsibility toward Obama's Supreme Court nominee. So while I do personally believe that the country runs better when both parties have a say in legitimate compromise, knowing that the Republicans have basically put party before country and chosen to simply block all Democratic legislation, I'd rather be in a position where Congress can work with the White House than one where they're simply at loggerheads and nothing gets done.

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