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Michigan Certifies Biden Win
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  • Anita
    Voted Yes

    “Evidence” is the most essential word here. The President has spent the last decade spreading baseless propaganda based on the innermost desires of elitist bigots who have kept their true desires secret for decades. He has spent this time opening Pandora’s box & releasing all of the furies, telling them it’s okay to be a racist, a misogynist, a homophobe, & /or a nationalist. Present the evidence, or sit down & hush. The conflict for the President is that propaganda has no legitimacy in court. The time for whipping crowds into a frenzy is over. Put up, or shut up. Republican Senators, you are endangering our country by not allowing the transition team to get a plan for Covid-19, & many other things. Encouraging distrust in the election process invalidates your own position now & in the future. Stop kissing the ring of a man who does not care about the American people. He only cares about himself, not you, not us, just himself.

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