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Georgia Hand Recount Confirms Biden Victory
by Causes
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  • Livia
    Voted Yes

    Yes I am in favor of a recount. Based on what I have heard I feel it is extremely necessary. I want a fair election, Based on the changes that Biden wants to make for our country? He wants to get back with Iran, wants to remove the sanctions from China? He would bring our country back to the Obama years. I don’t want our medication is made in China I don’t want To be held hostage by a communist country. He’s in favor of defunding the police, taking away our Second Amendment rights, changing the constitution, stacking the supreme court. He will destroy Social Security, I don’t want government healthcare. I like the healthcare that I have now, I like my own doctor. I do not want government in control of my Health. There are too many countries in the world that have this. They take more than half of their paycheck to pay for government healthcare. And he wants to get free college. Someone has to pay for It , Unless the professors want to work for nothing. I don’t want the same things that the Democratic Party wants for our country. Total domination. I want a free America and America with the constitution. People come here from other countries legally come here to have a free life. But Joe Biden wants to open our borders. He wants to tear down our border while. What a waste of time and money that would be. I want America to be America forever for our children.

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