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Trump Administration Implements New Immigration Rules
by Causes
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  • Vi

    I do not agree with these changes. These changes bring up 3 concerns: removal of due process and placing too much power in individual border officials; separation of families; and cost. I am particularly concerned about the gray area around "[deporting those who] pose a risk to public safety or national security in the judgment of an immigration officer" and the use of bypassing the use of a hearing to remove individuals. I feel this leaves too much authority and power to individual officers. In addition, I am concerned about removing parents from their children, especially without any mention of what special protection means- will they get to stay or will they eventually be deported as well? Finally, I am concerned about the cost of these new changes: a new office for victims, multiple data collections and reports, increased deportations (i.e., travel costs, cost connected to tracking), and increased personnel to do the work.


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