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Progressive & Moderate Democrats Spar Over ‘Defund the Police’ & Socialism After Congressional Losses
by Causes
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  • Livia
    Voted No

    No, Democrats should not even consider defending our police, and getting into Socialism for our country. We do not want a socialized communist government for America, we want our constitution to be followed to the letter of the law. I do not want government healthcare. I do not need our government to make decisions on my healthcare. I like my doctor and my health care. Our government could not even take care of the VA, that was a disaster. What makes you think you’re going to have your government decide what you can have for healthcare and what you can’t. What is necessary and what isn’t, and how long you can live. Based on what they can afford. I do not agree with anything that Joe Biden has in store for America. Like getting back with Iran, taking the sanctions off of China, getting involved with Cuba, these are all communist countries. I do not want our medication made in China. Why would you leave us at the mercy of a communist run country. And I still believe that Joe Biden needs to be investigated and what his son Hunter was involved in with the Ukraine, Russia, and China, and the evidence is out there that Joe Biden knew everything his son was involved in and was getting money. When will our government do you something about that? I want America to stay the free country,Where we have the right to choose.


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