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Florida Voters Approved Gradually Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 Per Hour by 2026
by The 2020 Causes Voter Center
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  • Livia
    Voted No

    $15 minimum wage will hurt small businesses. They will only be able to hire a part-time Jobs. A lot of businesses will hire kids in high school, or people who are going to college. These are small community businesses. I do believe that people need to make more money, But I am worried about the small business owner who is struggling now even more, or are we trying to get rid of the small businessman, restaurants a lot of other small businesses. How much do you want to pay for a hamburger? Or will we not be able to have them anymore. Anxiety the people are having over our country right now is beyond we could ever imagine. When you vote in a president it more than half the country does not trust. Because of what he did with his son Hunter Biden, no news media is asking Joe Biden about all the evidence that proves that he knew about the Ukraine, Russia, and China. Involving his son, we have no idea what Joe Biden has in store for America mainly because he’s never answer the question. And he’ll have Bernie Sanders and AOC and her squad,


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