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Trump Administration Implements New Immigration Rules
by Causes
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  • Shirley

    The Trump administration's immigration rules are draconian and harmful to our country on so many levels. The cost to communities in creating the trauma of separating families is tragic and will have impacts on public health and social well-being for years to come. The burden on police and the alienation that will occur between police and communities will only serve to make the jobs of our law enforcement officers more dangerous and complicated. The economic implications are absurd; in an already saturated job market what native-born American citizen is going to travel the country to pick crops according to the seasonal harvest dates of varied crops?! The agricultural industry and other industries will greatly suffer and costs of produce are likely to increase. But the human cost is worst of all and the costs of trauma already drain the coffers of our country to a degree that is onerous yet preventable. I would hope that regardless of party, Congress can see the harms of the President's immigration agendas and take action to prohibit our country's first-steps into authoritarian rule via a path of least resistance.

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