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Georgia Runoffs to Decide Control of the Senate
by Causes
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    I just feel that these high-powered super spreader events that Trump was holding is just there to overexcited people that feel outed in society that they are wanted someplace and hopefully they’ll be able to see through the light that they’re not getting what they want and need and they will change their votes eventually. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all the time. And as soon as they realize it I know it took me a while and for some things to dawn on me that that’s not quite right so maybe they will too and in their good time they will see that it’s gone Stacy Abrams was on the view today and she has a very good positive attitude which really encouraged me to get out of that slump I mean I’m glad that Biden won the presidential election but I really did think that we were going to flip Ohio, and gain the house and the senate and mainly to sign it but we didn’t so I can’t figure out why people that voted for the Democratic slate didn’t get the Senate it doesn’t make sense to me and usually when it doesn’t make sense it’s not true something happened there I’m suspicious I hope either one Democrat is suspicious of that particular vote. But this is true though, in January there will be another election and if we didn’t get them this time maybe will get them the next time don’t give up the ship. Patricia

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