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The New York Times Contacted Election Officials in Every State - None Reported Voter Fraud
by Causes
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  • Adam
    Voted No

    OKAY, let's be clear here. Blindly listening to Trump claim that there was voter fraud DOES NOT COUNT AS WITNESSING IT. I'll try to make this simple for those of you who take his imagination as gospel. When Trump stated over and over that his acolytes should vote in person despite the fact that there's a raging pandemic that could put them literally in danger for their health or their lives, it caused more of his supporters to vote in person. At the same time, many more of Biden's supporters voted by mail (I'd note that Trump, by the way, chose to vote by mail). Then, because of Republican state legislatures that refused to let those mailed-in ballots be counted early, they were left to count AFTER the in-person counting was already tabulated. And, well, duh, the vast majority of them went to Biden because Trump kept telling his people not to vote by mail. This is not rocket science. The mail-in vote would have been much, much closer if Trump hadn't spent the last year ignoring the dangers of COVID-19 and urging his voters to cast their ballots in person. I mean even Republican state officials have denied wide-spread voter fraud. I'm sorry some of you feel cheated, but unless you actually witnessed fraud being perpetrated with your own eyes, don't say yes. That's called "lying."

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