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Pfizer and BioNTech Announce 'Highly Effective' Vaccine – Will You Take It?
by Causes
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  • Sandra
    Voted No

    I am highly skeptical of the touted effectiveness of a vaccine using genetically manipulated RNA; this technology has never been used before in humans and is meant to rewrite the recipient's genetic code. Previous attempts at creating a coronavirus vaccine failed miserably when the test animals all died when exposed to the wild virus and those trials never advanced to human testing. Since this virus, like all organisms, is mutating and there is emerging evidence that pathogens are mutating in response to our interventions (well known with antibiotics, just being discovered with anti virals), we will be creating even MORE super bugs that one day we will be unable to fight. A better solution is to continue with treatments to support those who become ill and to work on building and supporting our natural immunity so we experience milder symptoms and recover faster. It's well known that beneficial gut flora (and the healthy diet that feed them) is the foundation of not only robot health and immune resilience but a healthy mind - how many of our mental health patients could be helped with a rebalancing of the gut microbiome (as the vagus nerve connects gut and brain) instead of medicating them into a stupor with multiple nasty side effects? Not to mention that many frontline medical doctors and researchers have discovered the connection between a patient's zinc and D3 status and their ability to recover from COVID-19. I wonder if the massive amounts of glyphosate and other toxic chemicals sprayed on our conventional industrial food supply (known to disrupt gut flora and gut permeability) have a role to play in why Americans are more likely to contract COVID, have a serious complication, and/or die from it?


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