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Election Risks: The Electoral College
by Keeping The Election Free & Fair
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  • Nancy

    NO. Living through this past year is an example of what MOB RULE would be like. Our Founding Fathers truly gave a blessing in our Constitution & Bill of Rights. Was it perfect, no but it has continued to improve over time. We’re give protection from both the government and the private citizens. It never ceases to amaze me what the extreme liberals insist that their views are the only Truths, that if you don’t agree with them, your racist, homophobic, a Nazi, and the list goes on & on. I’ve thought about the possibility of having a ratio of electors because I’m one of those who lives in a 60% super majority that doesn’t represent me or most of my values and would perhaps want to look into that but very carefully. Remember, you never no when you’ll be in the minority because the pendulum always swings back when people are pushed too far.

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