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What Happens If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned?
by Causes
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  • Sandra
    Voted No

    While this isn't an issue in Maryland, it still concern me. there are NO laws REQUIRING women get an abortion, it seems pretty common sense that if you don't like abortion you don't get one and if you are a man you don't impregnate a woman if you don't intend to care for the child created. Most women WANT their babies but there are many reasons that might make a safe abortion necessary: genetic abnormality that threatens the viability of the fetus, a serious medical condition that affects the health of the mother and/or the fetus, rape or incest. The only time I ever knew that a female friend used abortion for birth control purposes was when she confessed her boyfriend, a married man, paid for it at least twice. If only he had paid for birth control instead or better yet, not taken advantage of young woman half his age. Abortion won't go away because government bans it and we already know from past history that desperate women will do what they have to even if their lives are put at risk while the rich will always be able to go "on vacation" to get a safe abortion elsewhere. Let's keep medical procedures safe, available and between patient and doctor. Government has no business dictating women's business.


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