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Should Judge Amy Coney Barrett Be Confirmed to the Supreme Court?
by Causes
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  • Linda
    Voted Oppose

    It has been repeatedly stated that ramming this through before THIS election is totally unethical and politically motivated. All of that aside, when we know, in advance, what this woman's past record on the ACA, Roe, SS and many other issues--how do we find this candidate to be acceptable? The majority of US citizens want this rights to continue---does no one in the Senate currently have a clue what the constituents want? If she is as wonderful as you claim---why didn't she answer any questions of substantive value? Would she be more inclined to answer after the election? or better yet, after an inauguration?? I will strongly support adding additional judges to the SC if this person in confirmed--- I know Senator Casey agrees and unless Senator Toomey has changed his mind 180, I do not need the canned letter he sends out---which is totally pathetic.

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